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Our software is built using parametric design objects in a similar way to software such as Rhino, 3Design and ArtCam. Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender) uses simple pre-built parametric patterns and software objects to enable you to assemble complex items in just a few minutes.

You can:

  1. Buy FD43DPrinting Template Software which is a comprehensive set of design software tools that includes jewellery software, patterns and other files that will:

enable you to create personalised gifts for family and friends,
enable you to create personalised jewellery,
enable you to create household items for the kitchen, dining, lighting, home office, etc.

The software includes all of the Templates, Jewellery Software and Pattern folders as listed below. These come as one 325MB zip file which unzips to give 2.4GB of Blender files which equates to 2,500+ template files. In addition you have access to 150+ Fluid Designer Videos and also lots of design ideas if you visit our Shapeways Shop. You will also find us on and on

Groups - FD43DPrinting

2. Buy Jewellery Software to enable you to quickly and easily create specific items including bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings (£5 or £10 each).

Celtick Knot Jewellery Patterns 3D

3. Buy Patterns (£5) to enable you to quickly and easily create a wide range of items from jewellery to personalised gifts to household goods. Below are some of the available patterns for Fluid Designer for 3D Printing. Typically each folder contains between 10 and 50 patterns that can be used to quickly create 3D printable objects. Instead of buying individual patterns you can buy them ALL for a one-off price as listed below. If you want use to create a different pattern set please get in touch and we will try our best to develop one for you.

Groups - FD43DPrinting

Learn How To Make

All of the items displayed below in our Shapeways shop have been created using Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender). If you want to know how to create an object simply select it and then watch a video to Learn How To Make it.