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Fluid Designer for 3D Printing uses PATTERNS to help you create new objects with easy.


What is Fluid Designer for 3D Printing? – Information Video
Learn how to create complex mesh objects quickly and easily (drag-and-drop) to generate 3D objects that can be printed in plastic, metal (including silver & gold) or ceramic. Fluid Designer for 3D Printing is a one stop shop where you can:
a)Study – we have included lessons on how to create jewellery, ceramic objects, lamp shades and objet d’art.
b) Design – create your own designs using our powerful integrated design tools and Blender Technology.
c) Print – export printable files for uploading to a printing service.
d) Images – Fluid Designer also allows you to create rendered photo realistic images.
Our series of lessons are aimed at absolute beginners but it should be noted that as Fluid Designer is based on Blender Technology even advanced users will find some useful features.


Learn how to create the following types of simple objects:
i) jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings)
ii) ceramic objects (vases and objet d’art)
iii) light shades (tea lights, pendants and desk light covers)
The FREE 3D SOFTWARE we use, Microvellum Fluid Designer (based on Blender Technology), includes a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create complex mesh objects very quickly. The interface also includes instructions on how to modify the objects. Our online Help Videos for Fluid Designer also explain in more detail how to create each object and how you can further modify them to make more unique features. To see how an object is 3D printed in the workshop we recommend looking at the following video from Shapeways: 3D Printing Cast Metals.
Because creating objects for 3D Printing is a complex process, not at all the same as printing a page of text, we will guide you through how you can use Netfabb’s FREE 3D Printing Model Repair tool Netfabb Basic – you will need to download and install this software separately. Netfabb Basic is a mesh analysis and repair tool which we would recommend you use with every mesh you wish to print.
Art of the Parametric Curve – The most useful application of 3D Printing in terms of the creative industries is the ability to print complex Mathematics objects that can be created using Parametric Equations. Don’t be frightened by the words Mathematics and Parametric Equations. Using Fluid Designer for 3D Printing we will show you how to create your very own objects quickly and simply.
Behind the Fluid Designer user interface is a fully functioning version of Blender (see screen shot below for Fluid Designer in Blender view). Blender allows you to create even more complex mesh objects if you work at the face, edge and vertex level of an object. In addition Blender allows you access to a very wide range of Modifiers that allow you to change mesh objects in an almost infinite number of ways. You can also create realistic looking renders (photo images) of objects using the new Cycles engine.


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