Curve Add-On for Fluid Designer or Blender



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These add-ons have been created specifically for use with Fluid Designer for 3D Printing but can just as easily be used with Blender (you may wish to set Resolution back to 100, bevel to 0.08, bevel_res back to 0.4 and resolution to 12). Curve types that you can produce include: Archytas, Basin, Borromean, Capareda, Celtic Knots, Clelia, Conical Rose, Enneper, Helix, Lissajous, Pappus, Spherical Helix, Tennis Seam, Viviari and Wire Dish. N.B. These add-ons are all based on Torus Knot Plus.

Files should be unzipped and placed in the addons folder and switched on in Preferences.



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