Jewellery Software

If you want to set yourself up as a jewellery designer and retailer we can help you by providing:

1) the software – Fluid Designer for 3D Printing is available in its basic format free of charge as it is based on Blender and Microvellum Technologies. You can DOWNLOAD it for free from this web site.

2) training – we have built Fluid Designer for 3D Printing and as such can provide you with all the training you will need to get up and running.

3) support – we will provide you with on-going support as you develop your own portfolio of jewellery.

4) additional design software -“ we can provide the other styles/patterns listed below to integrate fully into the application and give you access to quickly and easily creating thousands of bespoke items.


After installing the Fluid Designer for 3DPrinting application (free @ you may wish to purchase additional software for individual styles. To install these additional data files after first purchasing them:

1. Double-click
the software file and unzip all the files.

2. Highlight the entire FOLDER and Copy it to the clipboard.

3. Browse to the folder C:\Users\YourName\Documents\ FluidDesignerfor3DPrinting\
(the Groups Document folder on your system) and press Paste.

4. In the File Browser panel on the left of the screen click the Group Library button to re-fresh the browser list of folders, select File, click to Save Startup File and then click OK to confirm.  Your system should now be configured to use the purchased files.

Download this document as a pdf file

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