Jewellery Software

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Fluid Designer for 3D Printing is available in its basic format free of charge as it is based on Blender and Microvellum Technologies. You can DOWNLOAD it for free from this web site, alternatively you can go to Microvellum’s site where you can install their software (which does not include some tools we have created specifically for 3D Printing).

Other styles available are as listed below. Further details of these can be found in our Jewellery Software Shop.

These include:

Bracelet files
Earring files
Pendant files
Ring files

Achtknoten Style
Archytas Style
Basin Style
Bicylindrical Style
Brunnian Link Style
Capareda Style
Catalan Style
Catanoid Style
Classical Greek Style
Clelia Style
Conical Catenary Style
Conical Rose Style
Cross Wire
Crown Sine Style
Curves Galore Style
Cylindrical Helix Style
FD Font Style
Helicoidal Style
Helix Style
Hyperhelicoidal Style
Lissajous Style
Organic Alphabet 3D Style
Pancake Style
Papus Conical Spiral Style
Spherical Helix Style
Spiral Style
Tangentoidal Crown Style
Torus Knot Style
Viviani Style

If you wish to use the additional jewellery design objects as shown in the videos below then you will need to purchase these objects from us. Further details of these can be found in our Jewellery Software Shop.

If you would like to speak to us please call Paul on 020 8866 1419 or email

You can find us at: 16 Nursery Road, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 2AP.