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We offer a range of opportunities to lean how to use Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender). These include:

  1. You can come along our training centre in Pinner (London) and take one of our courses as detailed below (£95) – includes free software.
  2. You can enrol for our online Using Parametric Smart Objects to Design Jewellery with Fluid Designer (£45) and learn about using Nurbs Curves to create personalised jewellery (and hence other objects), includes 65 video lessons.
  3. You can arrange to have a 1:1 session on a day that suits you (Day £245 or Half-Day £165) – includes free software.

All of the items displayed below in our Shapeways shop have been created using Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender). If you want to know how to create an object simply select it and then watch a video to Learn How To Make it. We have created over 150+ Fluid Designer Videos to support your learning and also lots of design ideas if you visit our Shapeways Shop. You will also find us on and on

Enrol – Jewellery Design Course ADULTS (£95) – Includes free software

26th August – Jewellery Design Course for Beginners

30th September – Jewellery Design Course for Beginners

21st October – Jewellery Design Course for Beginners

25th November – Jewellery Design Course for Beginners

30th December – Jewellery Design Course for Beginners

If you want to be in the jewellery trade as a designer and seller of modern jewellery or you simply want to create designs for yourself and your family then you should be learning how to create your own designs using apps such as Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender). If you are completely new to the idea of designing jewellery and want to be up and running quickly and easily you should seriously consider attending one of our Jewellery Design Courses. Learn how to create complex mesh objects quickly and easily (drag-and-drop) to generate 3D objects that can be printed in plastic, steel or silver & gold. Our Fluid Designer Jewellery Design Courses are a one stop shop where we will teach you how to:

a) create rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. using Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender) software Fluid Designer is based on Blender which is the most commonly used app for 3D Printing.
b) export and repair printable files for uploading to a 3D printing service such as Shapeways.
c) create rendered photo realistic images to develop your own catalogue of items to sell.

Enrolment Details – please read carefully

Our courses are for one day from 10:00am to 5:00pm (Day Cost £95). Courses will take place in Pinner, North West London. Call Paul on 020 8866 1419 for further details.

Your Tutor, Paul Summers, has 30 years teaching experience in the FE Sector and has published over fifty training books. He has also helped in the development of the application, Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender), that you will use. You WILL need to bring your own Laptop so that you can do the course and also so that we can help install the free software for you. N.B. You will not need to purchase any specialist equipment to create your own designs as you can simply go to an online 3D Printer such as Shapeways to get your jewellery made at reasonable prices for most items, e.g. Rings are typically £35 in Premium Silver.

Course Fees 1:1 Jewellery Design Course @ Your Premises

We currently operate out of London and as such can provide 1:1 Training either at our premises or if you are in London we can come to you. One days Training (10:00am to 5:00pm) for one person is Day £245 or Half-Day £165. Training for more than one person at a time can be undertaken, subject to additional costs.

For further information or to book training please call Paul on 020 8866 1419 or email